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Ameri-Asia is the specialized cancer HOSPITAL-TECH of Asia that leads the new edge of cancer medical treatment service through the World’s first & most comprehensive ‘Wi’ – Well-being intelligence, digitizing experience design, and cannabidiol oncology innovation.

We have a bold determination to move people forward to the next era of healthy life and happiness by redefining ‘For-Life’ innovation from illness healing to well-being Intelligence that everyone can predict, prevent, early intervene, and personalize their own health precisely in their every second step of life.


We have a bold mission to be the No.1 Hospital-Tech of Asia in Y2024 through a bold action of creating the comprehensive ecosystem of well-being intelligence life.


Ameri-Asia completes comprehensive healthcare ecosystem ranging from cancer hospital-tech, general hospital-tech, rehabilitation-tech, and insurtech to answer all dimensions of healthier life

- not only for patients but also for all healthy people to attain well-being and happiness.


Standing out from others, Ameri-Asia aims to converge three pillars of inventions:

The World first & Most Meaningful Wi ‘Well-Being Artificial Intelligence’ for personalized, preventive and precise actions

Digitizing experience design for disrupting all unnecessary process and waiting time to access more efficient service

World-class doctor team with cancer treatment through genetic research for more powerful treatment